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Worldwide PLC Reports

Worldwide PLC Reports

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Creditsafe worldwide PLC reports provide in-depth commercial credit and financial insight into all publicly trading companies. Worldwide PLC reports are available to view instantly online and contain key information on more than 49,000 active public companies in over 165 countries globally, plus hard-to-find historical information on all non-trading companies.

Worldwide PLC reports include:

  • Fully verified company name, address and contact details.
  • Principal trading activity description.
  • Full shareholder and ownership details.
  • A clear and concise credit score and maximum credit limit.
  • Geographical sales & revenue breakdown.
  • Key competitor information.
  • Full and interim financial statements
  • Sales, profit and loss accounts
  • Balance sheets and cashflow
  • Key accounting ratios
  • Current & previous directors
  • Holding & subsidiary details
  • Corporate linkages



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Company credit reports on 240 million companies worldwide.

Access of 190 million company credit report with Creditsafe

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