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Risk Tracker - Company Monitoring

Risk Tracker - Company Monitoring


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Monitor your customers and suppliers with Risk Tracker

At Creditsafe we believe it is just as important to credit check your existing customers and suppliers as it is your new business acquisitions. This is why we have developed our Risk Tracker company monitoring service. If there is a change in a company’s status that is on Risk Tracker we will email you.

Why use Risk Tracker?

Creditsafe’s Risk Tracker is an online company monitoring service allowing you to keep tabs on your customers and suppliers. Simply add them to Risk Tracker and if there is any change in their company status you will receive an email notification saving you time and money.

We believe that having this insight can make the difference between your company’s success and failure and as such include it in all Creditsafe packages.

At present over 35,000 of our UK customers currently use Risk Tracker to stay ahead of the game and protect their business from incurring bad debt.

Benefits of Risk Tracker

  • Ensure peace of mind by knowing you will be made aware instantly if a change occurs that could affect your business
  • Create sales opportunities by monitoring companies with a poor credit rating in your target market and receive alerts when they become creditworthy
  • Monitor the status of your competitors
  • Compare customers in different areas (e.g. location or SIC Code / Business Description) to see where the most risk lies

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