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Creditsafe International Insight

Creditsafe International Insight

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"600 companies enter insolvency in Europe every day"


Company credit reports on 240 million companies worldwide.

Access of 190 million company credit report with Creditsafe

Your passport to minimal risk when trading abroad


Creditsafe International Insight 

Don’t undervalue the importance of local knowledge - we have helped over 90,000 customers reduce their business risk, through our local offices across Europe and North America. 

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International 3D Ledger

Take your risk management to a new level by combining your own data with that of Creditsafe so you can assess your payers from every angle.

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International Marketing Data

Find new customer from across the globe with over 70 million targets across 12 countries to choose from.

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International Data Cleansing

Data doesn’t come with an expiry warning, find out how accurate your international databases are and amend any inaccuracies with our range of data cleansing tools.

International Data Cleansing »

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Share your payment data to improve cashflow and reveal poor payers

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