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Credit Risk Changes

Credit Risk Changes

UK Credit Risk Explained

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Informed decisions rely on accurate insights

As the world's most used provider of company credit reports we are trusted to continually review and improve the way in which we determine companies’ credit risk ratings and limits. So we’re letting you know that we’ve adapted our risk assessment model to ensure you continue to receive the most predictive business insights when determining a company’s credit risk credentials.


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Why have we changed our ratings & limits?

With access to more detailed information and historical trend data than ever before we are continuously investing in and enhancing our credit risk methology. This means that we can adapt our risk analysis models to consider significant predictive factors in even more detail.

We've adapted our model to factor in even more detailed information and analysis to provide you with an even clearer picture of a business's performance, putting greater emphasis on a company’s financials, payment data, key risk information and trend analysis.

How will this affect you?

Combining additional credit risk factors with what we already know means that we can continue to provide you with the most predictive, credible and reliable business credit insights available.



Recommended credit limits may increase

Depending on existing and historic financial performance, payment behaviour and key credit risk data your clients and suppliers credit rating & limit may increase.


What to look out for?

As we roll out these changes we will be notifying you and providing you with more relevant information - right now you just need to be aware.


Need more help?

Keep an eye out for important information about these changes and if you can't find the help you need online please contact us on 02920 886 500 where your account manager will be happy to talk you through the process.

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