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Consumer Credit Reports

Consumer Credit Reports


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Ensure individuals can meet their credit commitments

Creditsafe consumer credit reports allow you to check an individual’s credit report online.

Whether you are dealing with a company director, business owner or extending credit to individuals, Creditsafe consumer credit reports give you instant insight into the likelihood of your customers being able to fulfil their credit commitments.

Why use Creditsafe Consumer Reports?

  • Verify an applicant’s full name & address
  • Access information from the Electoral Roll
  • Receive a simple to understand consumer credit score
  • View Bankruptcy, Insolvency, CCJ and previous credit search history
  • Receive adverse information on the address that you have entered & 2 previous addresses

Consumer credit reports from Creditsafe are powered by CallCredit, one of the UK’s leading consumer credit agencies. Information is obtained from a number of sources including the electoral roll, county courts, insolvency service and is combined with credit and payment information obtained from Banks, Building societies and other lenders.

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