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Company Director Reports

Company Director Reports


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Gain insight into the people running a company

Understanding a director’s history should play a pivotal role in deciding whether to do business with a company. Did you know 60% of UK Directors were once the director of a company that is no longer trading? Find out more about the people in charge of your customers and suppliers.

Make Informed Credit Decisions

At Creditsafe we believe that in order to make informed credit decisions it is vital that you understand the people who operate a business. Reviewing the information in a director’s report will not only give you a better understanding of the direction in which that company is heading it will also include information such as:

  • Personal Details such as date of birth and address
  • Current and previous directorships
  • Appointment and resignation dates, including the credit rating of the company at the time of resignation
  • Directorships held in any of the 14 Creditsafe Countries*

Unlike other companies at Creditsafe we believe that director’s reports are so important, we include these as standard in all our company credit reports. If you would like to demonstration simply complete the form and a trained director’s report executive will give you a call to discuss a report with you.

*Creditsafe Countries include: UK, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Spain, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, France and Finland

Searching for a Non-UK Director?

With 10% of 2015 failed companies having a non-UK Director, using the simple European Director Search tool means that you can improve your risk mitigation considerably with little effort.

When trading with a company which has a cross-border structure, using both a Company Credit Report and the Director Search function, ensures that:

  • A creditworthy UK business can say the same about its European counterparts
  • You can identify businesses that are directly or indirectly linked with a company
  • You can access all of the Creditsafe’s databases across Europe – that’s over 28m companies and 39m directors, plus worldwide PLC's

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