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Company Credit Reports

Company Credit Reports

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Credit information on millions of companies worldwide

Creditsafe company & director credit reports allow you to instantly view company credit information on 240 million Limited, Non-Limited, Sole Trader and PLC companies worldwide, allowing you to make quick, informed business decisions about who you do or don’t do business with.

As a primary provider of company credit information, we combine a multitude of data from official sources such as Companies House, The Registry Trust, London & Edinburgh Gazette and combine this with our trade payment data and the Creditsafe database to provide the most up to date company credit information in a concise and digestible format.

What does a company credit report include?

Adverse CCJ Information
Discover if a company is involved in any payment disputes including County Court Judgments, writs and mortgage charges.
Payment History
Payment trends allowing you to understand how quickly a company pays its invoices based on shared trade payment data.
Director Details
Company owner, director and secretary details including, date of birth, nationality and all current and previous directorships.
Credit Limits & Ratings
Current and previous credit limits and scores to ensure you don't over extend your credit.
Up to 5 Years of Accounts
Financial accounts for the past 5 years allowing you to understand the financial direction of the business.
Holding & Subsidiary Companies
View ultimate and parent holding company information including those overseas and any possible linkages.
Company Identity
Verify full company details including registered company name, number, address and incorporation date.
Image Documents
Download original Companies House filed documents allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest company notices.
Approved by all major insurers
Creditsafe recommended credit limits are endorsed by all major credit insurers.
Risk Tracker
Get instant notifications direct to your inbox when things change allowing you to always stay one step ahead.

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