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Blended Company Credit Reports

Blended Company Credit Reports

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Uncover more when dealing with non-limited and sole trader companies

By combining credit data on a non-limited business and its owners, Blended reports provide in-depth credit risk insight when little or no financial information is available.

Key Benefits:

What are the benefits of a blended credit report?

  • Investigate credit risk of sole traders and non-limited businesses
  • Discover more about non-limited businesses and their owners
  • Assess credit risk information on newly established companies
  • Combine consumer and business credit information to gain a blended score

What’s included in a blended credit report?

  • CCJ & Insolvency information registered against the business owner
  • Recent credit search history against the business owner
  • Demographic information on the postcode area
  • Full electoral roll information and confirmation of time at address
  • A blended credit score based on business and consumer credit information

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