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3D Ledger Management

3D Ledger Management


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Creditsafe 3D Ledger takes your sales ledger data and combines it with our international risk management database. We then combine this with over 130 million trade lines to bring you the ultimate solution in managing risk exposure and cash collection strategies.

Creditsafe 3D Ledger allows you to manage your ledger on a global scale by amalgamating financial and credit information on over 240 million companies worldwide including:

Belgium Belgium Ireland Ireland Norway Norway
Finland Finland Italy Italy Sweden Sweden
France France Luxembourg Luxembourg USA USA
Germany Germany Netherlands Netherlands  


Creditsafe 3D Ledger allows you to:

  • Identify areas you need to focus on through your ledger’s credit ratings & DBT
  • Analyse international companies on a like for like basis using A - E or 1 -100 credit ratings  
  • Compare your ledger across multiple countries in Europe and North America 
  • Manage and analyse your day to day credit risk
  • Analyse your ledger by industry sectors
  • Prioritise your collections
  • Set cash collection targets
  • Identify gaps in your ledger
  • Profile your customers
  • Gain insight into your best payers

3D Ledger Management Alerts

Creditsafe data is refreshed daily allowing you to receive notifications and alerts when changes are identified within your customer portfolio.

Through 3D Ledger management monitoring you can be alerted to significant changes within your portfolio and customer ledger. Alerts can be managed to highlight significant changes across a range of criteria chosen by you, allowing users to receive email notifications, updates and changes as and when they happen in a number of different ways.



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Company credit reports on 240 million companies worldwide.

Access of 190 million company credit report with Creditsafe

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