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'2015 A Year in Review' Booklet

'2015 A Year in Review' Booklet


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The Creditsafe database gives an overview of business during 2015

2015 has undoubtedly been a strong year for business across the UK. Looking beyond headline figures on the macro-economy, this analysis of Creditsafe’s databases reveals a true picture of the world of business by highlighting key statistics and trends. Delving deep into sector, region and business age specifics, Creditsafe shines light on the ins and outs of the UK economy throughout 2015 and the previous 2 years.

This booklet contains data on:

  • Company Start ups
  • Company Closures
  • Predicting Insolvency
  • County Court Judgment Information (CCJs)
  • Bad Debt
  • Foreign Ownership
  • UK Trade Payment Data

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