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Online Training


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Our system might be user friendly but we all need a little help sometimes. At Creditsafe we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible customer service. Our training team is on hand to offer support and training on a one to one basis or to groups of users if required. 

What does the training involve?


Our training will help you discover the essentials of using the Creditsafe system to ensure you can get started quickly and easily. The training also provides you with an overview of our main products to ensure you know what is available to you in your package and how to use these products effectively. 

Want to book training?

If you are a new customer your On-boarding Account Manager will be in touch soon to arrange training. If you are a current customer or would like to book training simply contact us using the details below:

Email us at:

Call on:

029 20 886 500

Meet some of our training team...


Natasha Williams

UK Training Executive

Want to ask us a question?

02920 886 500


Nathan Dix

UK Training Executive

Want to ask us a question?

02920 886 500

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