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Most Searched Directors 2014

Most Searched Directors 2014

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Luisa Zissman is the searched for female company director 2014

  • Neville Wilshire tops the list of most searched company directors for the second year running after his company Save Britain Money enters administration
  • Simon Cowell is a new entry on the list of most searched directors

New analysis published by Creditsafe* reveals Luisa Zissman the self-styled entrepreneur & media girl, Apprentice runner up and Celebrity Big Brother finalist, is 2014’s most searched for female company director in the UK. Luisa who once claimed “I have the energy of a Duracell bunny, sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein,” is the highest ranking female director at two on the list of 2014’s most searched company directors. Luisa has been keen to highlight her business credentials despite her reality TV stints, having previously claimed "people look at me and assume I'm just a bimbo... just because I've got fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs."

Luisa owns the company Sprinkles and Sparkles Ltd and is also a director of Master Bakes Ltd with her ex-husband Oliver Zissman. In March this year Luisa launched a new company The Baker Shop Ltd, which sells bakeware, sugarcraft and cake decorating products alongside her new book Wicked Cupcakes.

Topping the list of most searched for company directors for 2014 was the infamous ‘star’ of the BBC3 show The Call Centre, Neville Wilshire, whose company Save Britain Money Ltd went into administration in October this year. While at the time it was publicly stated “our energy and other firms which are all limited businesses acting on their own and are not affected by this” they may have spoken prematurely. Neville’s SBM Energy Services Ltd business has an identified current net worth of -£58,087 and in December this year the company was served with two County Court Judgements (CCJs) totalling £20,860. It appears Neville’s “happy people sell” catch phrase and David Brent style of management may have translated into compelling television but not delivered for the business in the long term.

Top 10 most searched for directors in 2014 and 2013 comparison

1. Neville Wilshire   (Same placing)
Luisa Zissman      (Up five places) 
Alan Sugar   (Down one place) 
Peter Jones (Up one place) 
Barbara Kahan (New entry) 
Theodoros Paphitis (New entry) 
Richard Branson  (Same placing) 
David Beckham  (Down one place) 
Simon Cowell  (New entry)  
Sean Nutley  (New entry)  


Rachel Mainwaring, Operations Director at Creditsafe UK said: “Luisa Zissman’s media presence has inspired business operators to see whether her high public profile is reflected in the success of her businesses. While its great to see business people making their mark on television, inspiring new entrepreneurs and the company leaders of the future, it is important their success is not just taken at face value. Just as with any business, companies headed up by celebrities can find their fortunes changing extremely quickly so it is important to constantly assess their financial viability if you are trading with them.”

David Beckham at eight on the countdown may be worth millions, but he is also the director of Class of 92 Limited, alongside Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, Gary and Phil Neville, which currently has shareholder funds of -£24,498. Not that Beckham will need to worry about his finances, as Footwork Productions Limited a company established to exploit David’s name and image rights has a healthy balance sheet with £3,479,245 of shareholder funds.

One of the less well-known names on the list is that of Sean Nutley the ex-CEO of Aim-listed company Silverdell Plc. Nutley has been accused in some quarters of making misleading statements regarding Silverdell’s financial health prior to the firm entering administration. Another surprising name on the list is Barbara Kahan, who currently holds 1,276 active directorships. Her company A1 Company Services Limited specialises in providing free company incorporations to accountants, legal professionals and intermediaries.

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