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David Brent Most Searched Company Director in 2013

New analysis published by Creditsafe, Europe’s most used provider of online company credit reports, reveals Neville Wilshire infamous star of BBC’s ‘The Call Centre’ was the most searched for company director in the last 12 months. Neville, famous for his “Happy people sell” catch phrase and David Brent style of management, attracted viewers and ridicule in equal measure in the last year, but also had people scrambling to learn more about his financial acumen and business boasts.

Wilshire is a listed director of We Claim U Gain Ltd, now in administration, which claimed to be “one of the most experienced Claims Management Companies in claiming back mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance.” His Energy Ltd, where Wilshire is also listed as a company director, has been previously served with three County Court Judgements (CCJs). However his vehicle Save Me Money Ltd, a parent group for five companies, currently boasts a positive credit rating.

Louisa Zissman star of The Apprentice, who once claimed “I have the energy of a Duracell bunny, sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein,” is the highest ranking female director at six on the list of most searched company directors. Louisa owns Boutique Trading Limited, founded in 02/03/2011, a company whose last accounts revealed total current assets of £23,489.

Top 10 most searched for directors in 2013 and 2012 comparison

Rank Director Name Change
1. Neville Wilshire New Entry
2. Alan Sugar No Change
3. James Caan +6 Places
4. Yomtov Jacobs New Entry
5. Peter Jones -1 Place
6. Luisa Zissman New Entry
7. David Beckham New Entry
8. Richard Branson No Change
9. Duncan Bannatyne -4 Places
10. Jonathan Linney New Entry

Chris Robertson Managing Director at Creditsafe UK, said: “Behind Wilshire’s Brent like mannerisms lies a shrewd entrepreneur who serves on the board of several companies. The stars of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den rank highly once again on the annual list of most searched company directors as people try to establish if the panellists really are as financially astute as they appear.”

When it comes to the reality business tycoons, Alan Sugar once again trumped the Dragon’s securing second place in the list of most searched company directors. He finished just ahead of current panellists Peter Jones and Jonathan Linney and also ahead of former stars Theo Paphitis and James Caan. Sir Richard Branson, who is currently promoting Virgin Galactic, which plans to take space tourists on suborbital spaceflights, retains eighth place in the list and has featured in the top ten most searched company directors since its inception in 2010.

Those searching company directorships are always interested in the celebrities that have entered the world of business. David Beckham’s (7) move back to the UK has reignited interest in his commercial exploits and seen him overtake Simon Cowell (11).

Robertson continued: “Understanding who you are trading with is vital if you are to make informed business decisions. Some directors will sit on the boards of multiple companies and even if their current enterprise appears solvent may have a long track record of business failure. By researching the financial health of a business and the performance record of its directors it is possible to make a more accurate assessment about the likelihood of a company becoming insolvent or defaulting on payments.”

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