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Creditsafe Launch Brazilian Reports

Creditsafe Launch Brazilian Reports

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Creditsafe, the business intelligence experts, has announced the immediate on-line availability of credit reports for 17 million Brazilian companies. The reports are available to all Creditsafe customers as part of its international coverage, which now includes reports for 120 million companies across 190 countries.

Rachel Mainwaring, Operations Director of Creditsafe said: “We’re continuously looking to widen our international coverage and improve the range of information sources available to our customers. While the Brazilian economy may be going through challenging times, it remains an exciting and important emerging market and having on-line access to company credit reports will be a vital tool for companies here in the UK who are looking to build their export business in South America.

“Emerging markets can represent a challenge for businesses looking to expand and that’s all the more reason to check out the background of prospective customers or suppliers before doing business in them – our new Brazilian reports will enable companies to trade with more confidence.”

The launch of Creditsafe’s Brazilian reports is the latest step in the company’s international growth strategy, which includes the recent launch of new operations in Italy and the USA, where it now has two offices in Allentown, Philadelphia and Phoenix, Arizona.

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