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How our customers use us...

How our customers use us...

Company Reports

Learn how to search for and utilise a UK company report.

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With a wide and varied portfolio of products as well as a growing presence across the globe, a number of our customers have shared their experiences of using Creditsafe. They have discussed how our offerings have benefitted their business’ and even helped to shape their day to day business operations.


Computers Unlimited

When you think of the relationship between Credit Control, Finance and other areas of the business, all too often we come to a negative conclusion. Clearly this isn’t always the case as Computers Unlimited have been pro-active in enhancing the understanding of data amongst key areas of the business. Find out how Creditsafe helped.

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CDI AndersElite

With recruitment being one of the fastest moving industries means keeping on top of changes is key. Coupled with specialising in construction, an industry that has felt the pinch in recent years, means that quality data on the move is a must for CDI AndersElite

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Ecclesiastical Insurance

Pioneers of the Creditsafe Bespoke monitoring product, Ecclesiastical have used the service to help centrally manage updates from 250+ users across the business and beyond. Another example of multi departmental use and the reliance on accessibility.

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DAS Legal Expenses Insurance

Working with a much higher volume of accounts than many of their industry counterparts, DAS’ need for accurate data, speedy updates and automated processes is key to minimising the time spent on trawling through data. Learn more about how Creditsafe developed a solution to meet the exact needs of the UK’s leading legal expenses insurer.

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Marketing Data

Learn how to find your next customer with step by step training.

International Reports

Training on how to search for companies outside the UK.

Anti Money Laundering

Ensure your company is AML compliant and can avoid fraud.