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Finance & Sales

Strengthening the relationship between finance and sales is essential to foster a better working environment. Our top tips guide helps build relationships between Finance and Sales.

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Trading Overseas

With an increasing number of UK companies considering trading overseas, it’s important to protect your business by minimising the exposure to risk when trading internationally.

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Business Fraud

With corporate and employee fraud on the rise, it’s vital for businesses to know that their customers, suppliers and staff are who they say they are and are in a position to protect their business from this threat.

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The advantages to finance departments having quick and easy access to credit ratings and reports are clear, but how can different departments beyond finance use credit information effectively?

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Building a Better Credit Rating Guide

Having a credible credit record enables businesses to demonstrate solvency, secure funding and build strong business networks with suppliers and customers. Read our Guide on how to build a better business credit rating.

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