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New Report Features

New Report Features

Company Reports

Learn how to search for and utilise a UK company report.

Check out the latest features of our reports:


Debt Score

Debt Score is our no win no fee debt collection calculator which allows you to get an estimate of how much it will cost to retrieve your lost debt.

Simple to use just enter the details of your debt and get a quote from our debt collection service providers.

Get the best price with more than one option with our new added provider of Debt Score ACS along with our current provider Baker Tilly.

More providers are coming soon so you can compare even more prices to make sure you get the best value for money, keep an eye out for updates soon.



Acquisitions Data

Find out more about a company’s history with an informative summary about the acquisitions past of a company.

Investigate whether the company has purchased any companies or been purchased themselves so you can get a better idea of the financial viability of a company.

If a company has an acquisitions history you should be aware about the report will notify you with an alert within the report advising you to look at the historical summary of the company.

The summary will detail any historical acquistitions by a company including information on the acquired and acquiring firm as well as financial and contact details when relevant.



Friendly Printing

A new print report function is now available that has been updated in response to customer feedback.

The new print function now works seamlessly to produce quality printed reports that will save you time when sharing a report.

Reports now print on to less pages so more environmentally friendly reports that also cost less to print.


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