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Identifying Profitable Customers Guide

Learn more about identifying profitable customers

Our guide on how to "Identify and sell to your most profitable customers" will help you to focus your marketing data and get a better return on your marketing efforts from creditworthy customers. 

Cashflow is the blood stem of any business and when it starts to become at risk is when your business could start to suffer; therefore it is imperative that you target the right people when trying to win new business. However don’t make the mistake of thinking that you only need to prove that you are right for them, they also need to be right for you. If you go into business with a company that isn’t creditworthy, you could put your business at risk if they can’t pay you.

This guide will give you tips and advice on:

  • How to ascertain creditworthy potential customers
  • How to choose your market segment
  • How to investigate customers and their business
  • How to get sales and finance working as one