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Free Company Credit Report

Free Company Credit Report

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Credit check one of your business customers for free

Creditsafe company reports are affordable, high quality credit reports giving you comprehensive information on your customers, suppliers and competitors.

The information within a Creditsafe report is updated daily and is sourced directly from Companies House, The Registry Trust, The London & Edinburgh Gazette, Trade payment partners and a multitude of additional data sources from around the world.


Creditsafe company reports employ a system which rates companies from 1 -100 indicating the likelihood of a company entering insolvency in the next 12 months. High risk companies are highlighted in red whereas creditworthy companies are highlighted in green allowing anyone in the organisation to make informed decisions when extending credit or evaluating business opportunities.

To access a free company report simply complete your details using the form opposite.

Important Information: In order to receive your free company credit report you must supply a business email address and landline telephone number. Please note only one free report will be given per company.


What’s included in a company credit report?

  • Credit Rating & Limit
  • Up to 5 Years Accounts
  • Full Director and Ownership details
  • Holding & Subsidiary company details
  • Adverse CCJ Information
  • Payment performance information
  • Full registered company details
  • Companies House image documents
  • Email Monitoring and Updates

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