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Index Files

Index Files

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Get the data you need, when you need it

Index Files offer flexible configuration of all European Creditsafe Data in modularised datasets, allowing you to only pay for the data that you need. With the data updates as often as you need, you can choose the frequency of delivery, ensuring the data is as up to date as you need it.

All the data is in a standardised format and offers information that is common across 10 European countries, making the data easy to use in a variety of different ways. You simply choose which of the 6 datasets you want, from which country you want them and how often. 

CRM & Sales

Index files can power your CRM systems with up to date, fresh and reliable data on over 55 million European companies. You can chose which data sets you take, ensuring you are only purchasing the data that makes a difference for your business.

Finance Teams 

With Index Files, you can chose which of the 6 available datasets you have access to, including the Accounts Dataset which contains 5 years financials on over 55 million European companies amongst other vital data. Along with this, we have the Ratings Dataset, where you have access to Creditsafe’s highly predictive credit score as well as a recommended credit limit.

For more information on Creditsafe's Index Files please download our Index Files guide.

Where is the data available?

Index files contain information on over 55 million companies based across 10 European countries, in an easy to use format, which can be accessed through secure cloud based storage. Data is available in:

 Belgium  Denmark  France  Germany  Ireland 
 Luxembourg  Holland Netherlands   Norway   Sweden   UK  

Available Datasets


  • Registered name
  • Trading name
  • Any other alias
  • Previous names
  • Current address
  • Country
  • Local identifiers (e.g. Companies House ID)


  • Latest turnover value
  • Last accounts filed date
  • Share capital value
  • Consolidated accounts
  • Reported profit
  • Shareholder funds
  • Net worth
  • Working capital

Rating Data

  • Local credit score
  • Common credit rating (A-E)
  • Credit limit info


  • Website
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

Director Datasets

  • PNR number
  • Country of origin
  • Directors name
  • Directors nationality (where available)
  • City of registered address
  • Address
  • Directors date of birth
  • Date last changed


  • Company status (active/inactive)
  • Creditworthiness
  • Turnover band
  • Industry codes
  • Number of employees
  • Business entity type
  • Date of incorporation
  • Geographic region
  • VAT number

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