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CCJ Data Lists

CCJ Data Lists

Data Quality

Cleanse, enhance and dedupe your customer records.

Source up to date summaries of CCJ's and other adverse legal events today

Identifying companies that have suffered detrimental legal filings can help expose risks to your own company but also highlight opportunities.

As a primary provider of business information, we not only have access to the most up to date information in the industry, we can also take data supplied by the Registry Trust and combine it with the Creditsafe database to create additional data fields such as company contact information.

At Creditsafe we understand that time is money. Unlike other companies who will supply you with, and charge you for, a great deal of information that you do not require, Creditsafe will only provide you with the information relevant to your business. We will create a bespoke data list based on your exact requirements and provide this in an Excel format so that it’s simple to use and filter data.

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