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Why choose Creditsafe?

Why choose Creditsafe?

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When you need accurate and reliable data, you can depend on Creditsafe for complete, comprehensive and actionable information. Whether you are looking for targeted sales leads, researching companies or simply looking for a way to keep your CRM up-to-date, Creditsafe provide a mix of world class data solutions.

Ease of use

Creditsafe contains the most up to date and comprehensive information available however, we realise that not everyone has the time to trawl through pages of information. Our products are built with ease of use in mind - you will find all the information you require at the touch of a button making it easy for all departments to find, research and credit check new and existing customers.


International reach

International Credit Reports have a reputation for being expensive and therefore unattainable for most businesses. However, Our international expansion means that Creditsafe now owns data on over 240 million companies across the world, making it more affordable.

Continuous improvement

At Creditsafe, we never stop listening to our customers’ feedback in order to keep building and improving our product range. For example our 3D Ledger product was built in conjunction with our customers to offer a product that meets their needs. Our product development team are continuously developing our product portfolio and in particular our international data tools, making actionable business data available to everyone.



Creditsafe is trusted by over 90,000 customers worldwide to provide the best data available for protecting your business against the threat of bad debt.  Whether you deal with businesses or consumers our extensive product portfolio includes a range of solutions to help protect and grow your business.



Creditsafe is endorsed by all major credit insurers meaning our ratings & limits are one of the most trusted in the industry.

We care

It may sound like a cliché, but at Creditsafe we really do want to work with you and your business to ensure that you are in the best possible position to protect and grow your company. Building relationships with our customers is important to us and we are happy to discuss ways in which you feel our data could help improve your business and processes.

No hidden extras

Creditsafe offer freedom access to our company information reports, meaning you get access to comprehensive company credit reports at price that is affordable to you. We do not charge per report and we include all the company, credit and payment information you need to make informed business decisions.


Our ratings

The Creditsafe scoring model effectively predicts almost 70% of all insolvencies up to 12 months in advance*. Our investment in creating the world’s most predictive scorecard ensures that you are made aware of potential risks to your business in plenty of time for you to make the right moves to protect yourself.


Customer retention

On average a Creditsafe customer will stay with us for more than 5 years. We pride ourselves on maintaining a 95% customer retention rate and will never renew your contract without your permission. Our customer support team deliver world class support ensuring you get a speedy response when you need it.

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Company credit reports on 240 million companies worldwide.

Access of 190 million company credit report with Creditsafe

3D Ledger

Identify gaps in your ledger with 3D Ledger management.

Data Quality

Cleanse, enhance and dedupe your customer records.