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About us

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From our launch 20 years ago, Creditsafe has rapidly expanded with 16 offices across Europe and in the USA.

One of only four prime providers, Creditsafe data is direct from source and digitalised by our large team of data specialists to bring you the most up to date and predictive information available.

The Creditsafe product portfolio contains a range of products designed to both help protect your business against the threat of bad debt and help you to grow your business with the minimum of risk. All Creditsafe products are designed with our customers in mind and we are constantly building and improving products to further meet your needs.

Creditsafe now have 90,000 customers across the world and ten Creditsafe reports are downloaded every second. At Creditsafe, we are passionate about enabling businesses of all sizes to use business data both in the UK and worldwide in order to make smarter business decisions.

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100 Best Companies to Work For

100 Best Companies to Work For

We have been recognised in these awards for the last six consecutive years, with our 2017 ranking being 89. We pride ourselves on our culture and happy working environment where people want to come to work on a Monday morning. Creditsafe have expanded and grown throughout the years and we now have over 1,000 happy staff in our offices!

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Creditsafe was a founder member of the Business Information Providers Association (BIPA) when it was formed in March 2011. The association comprises the principal Commercial Credit Reference Agencies in the UK and exists to promote economic growth by facilitating access to the business information they use. The association regularly engages with Government agencies and others to help protect and widen access to this vital information which helps in the granting of trade credit as well as helping to reduce risk and combat fraud. The association also works to help educate and inform the wider business community about how the agencies hold data and what it is used for.




Creditsafe is also a member of the Federation of Business Information Services (FEBIS) which is the European trade association for the commercial credit reference industry. FEBIS has over 60 full members across Europe specialising in both Business Information and debt collection services both nationally and internationally. FEBIS works to protect the common interests of its members and looks to engage on a European level as the industry faces increases pressures on issues surrounding data availability and data protection.




Creditsafe is also a member of the Business Information Industry Association (BIIA) which has grown out of the Asia-Pacific region to become a true global organisation with more than 40 members around the world. Initially focussed on the issues facing the industry in the emerging markets of Asia BIIA is now involved around the world and helps represent the industry as it faces many cross-border issues. BIIA regularly liaises with other industry bodies and important international institutions such as the World Bank and IFC.




We are proud to be part of the Direct Mail Association (DMA), which is a community of businesses that aspires to put our customers of the heart of everything we do within our marketing efforts, making sure they receive a transparent experience throughout their association with us. Under the DMA code, we promise to respect privacy, be honest and fair, be diligent with data and take responsibility for our actions.


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