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Why choose Creditsafe?

With 12 company credit reports downloaded every second, Creditsafe are the world's most used provider of company credit reports. As one of only four primary providers of business information in the UK, we source our data direct from official sources such as Companies House, The Registry Trust and London and Edinburgh Gazette ensuring you get the most up to date business information available in the marketplace.

Our scoring model is one of the most predictive in the industry and at present over 90,000 companies trust Creditsafe to protect them from the threat of bad debt. We have designed our company credit reports so that whether you are a small business owner or finance expert you can make informed business decisions in a matter of seconds. Through our expansion we now have offices in 12 countries across Europe and the US and through our network of data providers can provide company credit reports from any country in the World.

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The Creditsafe Industry Watchdog tracks economic development across the 12 biggest industries in the UK, from new companies and insolvencies to bad debts and CCJs. Check your industry here!

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